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Web Retirement Estimates

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This calculator estimates retirement annuity benefits from the Policemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago.

The amount of the estimated annuity is an approximation.  Final computation of salary and net service credits will be made at the time your application for annuity is processed.   Under no circumstances is this estimate to be considered as a guarantee of future benefits.

Unlike the final benefit calculation performed at the time of retirement based on the records of the Pension Board, this calculation is based solely on the input provided by the user.   Therefore, the accuracy of the estimate is entirely dependent on the information entered by the user.  

When the information provided accurately reflects the wage and service history of the officer, the estimate will be comparable to an estimate produced upon request by a Pension Board benefit analyst, with the following possible exceptions:  

  • Police officers with multiple periods of employment with the Department
  • Police officers who have previously purchased service for periods of prior law enforcement service
  • Tier 1 police officers (service beginning prior to January 1, 2011) terminating with between 10 and 20 years of service
Calculations for officers in these situations require accurate period-by-period contribution history as well as other additional personal information.   For reasons of security and accuracy, these special cases are beyond the scope of this calculator at this time.

Service time lost due to personal or other unpaid leaves of absence, suspensions, and/or any other periods where contributions were otherwise unpaid or not fully paid, must be deducted from the total service for the purposes of pension calculations.

  • Lost time does not include periods while on medical leave or receiving a disability benefit from the Pension Board, as the officer's contributions are considered fully paid for these periods.
  • It may include periods of military leave or other periods of leave for employment with other law enforcement agencies where contributions to the Pension Board have not been fully paid.

Officers seeking to purchase service for periods of prior military or other county law enforcement service should contact the Pension Board to understand the contributory costs and payment options in order to receive full service credit for those periods.

To receive an estimate of benefits based on the officer's information of record on file with the Pension Board, contact the Pension Board office within 6 months of the anticipated date of termination.